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Making and collaborating at UNSWs Makerspace Network

UNSW is creating the largest network of connected makerspaces and workshops in Australia. A network of genuine collaboration and shared values. These values are centered on the principle of barrier free access to tools and tech for all Students, Staff and External Partners.

The UNSW Makerspace Network supports the University’s strategic goal of cross faculty collaboration, project-based learning, course integration of student led projects, industry engagement and building as an entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read below to find comprehensive answers to the most commonly asked questions.

How do I access a Makerspace?

To get access initially, you will have to complete the Workshop Safety Badge. You will have to read our Safe Work Procedure (SWP) and complete a short quiz before doing a practical induction will teach you the basics of a workshop, and basic woodworking skills. After this, you will have access to the spaces with the ability to gain additional badges which will allow you to use a broader range of equipment.

Can I use any Makerspace?

Once you have finished your Workshop Safety Induction, you can go to all the Workshops in the Making Network during their opening hours. This currently includes: Michael Crouch Innovation Centre Makerspace @ Hilmer Building (E10), Renewables Makerspace @ Tyree Building (H6), James N Kirby Makerspace @ Willis Annexe (J18), Design Futures Lab @ Squarehouse (E4) and The Making Centre @ Art & Design Paddington (Toolroom Only).
Note: Makerspaces in Willis Annexe, Design Futures Lab, The Making Centre and Tyree are all shared Teaching Labs. There may be classes running within opening hours. Please consult the workshop calendars for detailed opening hours.

Can I bring my friends and family along?

Our Induction process is only available for UNSW Students, and Staff. If the Makerspace isn’t too busy, our staff are always happy to show them around the Makerspace! If your friends or family members have a zID, we can get them inducted too!

I am a student; can I do my course work in a Makerspace?

Yes! However there are priorities for the different Makerspaces. For instance, the Design Futures Lab will prioritise supporting Built Environment students, whilst James N Kirby Makerspace will prioritise supporting Engineering students and The Making Centre Art & Design students. If you are an ENGG1000 Student, please prioritise using the Renewables and James N Kirby Makerspaces!

Can I do non-University projects?

Of course! Personal hobby projects are highlights of Makerspaces. The Makerspaces are designed to be a place for people to experiment, tinker, and to be a safe place for people to start on their first projects. We welcome and encourage all hobby projects!

I have completed similar training before, can I get automatic access to the Makerspaces?

We recommend everyone do the Workshop Safety Induction regardless of whether you have used this type of equipment before or not. The safety inductions are designed with lots of relevant and useful information about all our spaces as well as the safe use of our particular machinery. It's always good to have a refresher about the tools too.

Contact Us

Please contact us if you have any issues with machine or training bookings, information about the Makerspaces or other general enquiries.

Engineering Makerspaces

Kirby Makerspace

Willis Annex (J18)

Renewables Makerspace

Tyree Building (H6)

Elec Makerspace

Electrical Engineering Building (G17)


Design Futures Lab

The Squarehouse (E4)


Michael Crouch Innovation Centre (MCIC) Makerspace

Hilmer Building (E10)


The Making Centre

School Of Art & Design

Paddington Campus
Cnr Oxford St & Greens Rd



Safety is paramount within the UNSW Makerspace Network. Each machine, process and lab is subject to the rigorous UNSW Risk Management Program. Access is only granted to users who are deemed competent to work safely. Our safety protocols are being continually reviewed and updated as the network matures and expands.

Makerspace Network Safety