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The portal to design and manufacturing services across UNSW.

Bringing together various manufacturing technologies and services to enhance research outcomes for the greater UNSW community



The manufacturing hub is OPEN!

We are happy to help all UNSW students, thesis projects, research projects and PHD

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Our Services


General Advice

Talk to one of our technicians for advice on material choices, recommended processes, outsourcing possibilities and procurement options.

Design Services

Design & CAD Services

No CAD experience? Need design help?

Our design specialists and technicians can help you develop manufacture-ready drawings and blueprints.

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Manufacturing Services

Ready to make your part?

Bringing together machines and resources from Makerspaces & Workshops across UNSW to assist in the manufacture and fabrication of your designs and ideas. See what facilities we have below!

Services are available to:

  • Current UNSW thesis students
  • UNSW PHD students with supervisor approval
  • UNSW Researchers with an active funding code that they must provide
  • UNSW technicians
  • UNSW teaching support
  • UNSW Start-ups registered with Founders - maximum 25 hours


  • All material costs + 10%, you may supply your own material upon consultation
  • $75/hour for consultation and machining time
  • Prices for metal laser cutting and waterjet cutting can be found on our website here

Our Facilities


Metal Laser.jpg

Metal Laser Cutting


MultiCam CNC Router

Water Jet Cutting

Waterjet Cutter



Metal Turning

Metal Turning


Metal Milling

Looking to 3D Print?


Check out our 3D Printing Hub

3D Print Hub