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Each space caters to users from different Faculties. Click below to find out more.
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Part of the Faculty of Arts, Design and Architecture this lab facilitates model making and prototyping for coursework and research within the School of Built Environment.

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Part of the Faculty of Engineering, our Makerspaces aim to provide a high quality hands-on making experience for all members of the UNSW community.

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Part of UNSW Founders Program, the Michael Crouch Innovation Centre (MCIC) specialises in prototyping for start-up ideas and entrepreneurial activities.

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Part of the Faculty of Arts, Design and Architecture, The Making Centre brings together the many workshops located at the Paddington campus.

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Each space requires users to obtain badges which give them access to the workshops and machines. To find out which badges are required for you to access a space follow the link below.

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UNSW Making: A Network of Genuine Collaboration and Shared Values

UNSW is creating the largest network of connected Makerspaces and workshops in Australia. A network of genuine collaboration and shared values.

These values are centered on the principle of barrier free access to tools and tech for all Students, Staff and External Partners.