UNSW Making


Accessing the Spaces in the Making Network

Getting Started

Welcome to the UNSW Making Network. Access to all of our spaces and equipment relies on badges. Badges are earned through participation in training that will allow you to understand how each space operates and give you confidence in operating the equipment so you can get making!

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What Are Badges?

To gain access to the UNSW Makerspace Network users need to earn access Badges.

Badging is how we ensure UNSW Making users have the skills to safely and efficiently use our network of materials, machines and spaces.

Earn badges by first completing associated online learning components followed by in-person Badge training.

Entry Badges

Workshop Safety Badge

The Workshop Safety Badge (WS) is the gateway to the DFL, Eng, MCIC and Making Centre (Toolroom) workshops. This badge will give you an overview of the spaces, relevant safety information and training on the entry level tools and machines. Once you have completed this badge, you will gain access to the space and the ability for further training on additional machines.


Enrolled in courses at Art & Design?

Entry Badges are required for access to the various workshops across the Paddington (A&D) campus

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