UNSW Making


Online hub of tutorials, information and classes on how to make, fabricate and create!

Digital Fabrication

These learn modules are where to start if you'd like to understand how to use the digital fabrication machinery in the makerspace network.

Model Making Skills

Guides and skills needed to get you started on all sorts of model making.


Like to know a little more about how things are made? These learn models are more in depth dives into different manufacturing processes available in the makerspace network.

Robotics and Automation

Helpful reference guides and videos about making and using robots and automated systems


Would you like to incorporated simple electronics into your design? These modules will get you started on understanding electronics


Communicating your ideas is the first step to sharing your concepts.

Course Specific Modules

These modules are best understood as part of a course, where the information is explained more specifically. Although anyone is welcome to look through and explore the information.